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St. Anne’s Place provides emergency shelter for 16 families at a time. Families must receive a voucher through the Hennepin County Economic Assistance Program. For more information about eligibility, please call us at 612-521-2128.

For Women

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For Children

emergency shelter for women and children

A St. Anne’s Place Story

LaKesha came to St. Anne’s Place after she lost her job as a phlebotomist and was unable to pay rent. She received an unlawful detainer (UD) for nonpayment of rent, so she was worried about finding future housing with this on her record. LaKesha maintained a positive attitude throughout her stay and attended Life Skills Group, Parenting Group and Resident Council Meetings. Her 11-year-old daughter participated in the Children’s Program tutoring activities and summer day camp. After working hard to find a job and an apartment, LaKesha was hired by another hospital after 5 weeks in shelter, and she was able to find an apartment shortly thereafter.

An Aftercare Story

Jasmine is a 25-year-old woman who stayed at St. Anne’s Place for 3 months before entering our Aftercare Program. Jasmine’s goals were to find a job and go back to school. After one year of case management, Jasmine has found full-time employment and is enrolled in a educational certificate program. She also volunteers at her church where she is the Youth Activities Director. She hopes to one day receive an advanced degree in counseling. Her 9-year-old son, Michael, is involved in the Children’s Aftercare tutoring and enrichment program. Michael is doing well in school and enjoys math and playing basketball.